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Strengthening accountability in crisis spending: Lessons from the AG’s report on COVID-19 expenditure

Motsamai Mokotjo The Auditor General’s 2021 report on COVID-19 Related Expenditure has shed light on a concerning pattern of financial mismanagement, specifically when it comes...

Combating exploitation in the workplace is a collective responsibility

Editorial Comment The revelations stemming from the Dissemination Workshop on International Civil and Political Rights this week are enough to send shockwaves through our country. Over...

The urgency for universal basic income

Kananelo Boloetse In the landscape of poverty reduction, Lesotho has undoubtedly made strides over the past decade. Yet, the stark reality remains that poverty rates...

Juka’s triumph: Justice prevails in the face of betrayal

Motsamai Mokotjo In a country not so far away, a land known as Juka, President Bongo Amir found himself facing a grave and perilous situation....

Striking a harmonious chord: Reassessing Lesotho’s tourism levy

Motsamai Mokotjo The tourism sector has historically played a vital role in Lesotho's tax revenue collection. However, the introduction of the Tourism Levy through the Tourism...

Breach of trust and accountability

Editorial Comment The revelations emanating from the dissolved National Covid-19 Secretariat (NACOSEC) have sent shockwaves through our collective consciousness. The alleged actions of Reatile Elias, the...

Open Letter: An Appeal for Unity and Resolution in the Interest of Lesotho’s Progress

Motsamai Mokotjo Dear Deputy Prime Minister Justice Nthomeng Majara and Mr. Kananelo Boloetse I extend my sincerest greetings to you, with an earnest hope that this...

Remembering August 30, 2014

Editorial Comment History often leaves indelible marks on a nation’s collective memory, and the events of August 30, 2014, in the heart of the country’s...

Embracing the remarkable strengths of women in leadership

… Keynote as we close off women’s month Nobandile Seleteng Ranthamane In a world where boundaries are being challenged and norms are being reshaped, it's imperative...

Unraveling the Insanity: Lesotho’s Political Reform Odyssey

Kananelo Boloetse On September 20 of last year, I took to Twitter to voice a concern that had been gnawing at the heart of Lesotho’s...