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Strengthening accountability in crisis spending: Lessons from the AG’s report on COVID-19 expenditure

Motsamai Mokotjo The Auditor General’s 2021 report on COVID-19 Related Expenditure has shed light on a concerning pattern of financial mismanagement, specifically when it comes...

SECTION 2 is not just an organisation; it is our future

Kananelo Boloetse In the annals of history, certain moments stand out as transformative milestones that redefine a nation’s trajectory. Lesotho, a nation with a rich history...

Politicians really are ignorant: Now we have proof

Motsamai Mokotjo The proper functioning of democratic institutions relies on a set of rules and regulations that ensure fair and transparent decision-making processes. In parliamentary...

A looming crisis: The stakes of the constitutional dispute

Editorial Comment As the government finds itself entangled in a constitutional dispute over the reinstatement of the 11th Amendment to the Constitution Bill of 2022,...

Our Government lacks Vision

By: Theko Tlebere More than ten years ago I wrote an article about the essentiality of having a vision, either as an indivual or an...

Draconian Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act is against press freedom

Motsamai Mokotjo In a democratic society, a free press plays a vital role in holding those in power accountable, safeguarding the public interest, and promoting...

Some youth who participated in the Youth Parliament lackedparliamentary decorum

Motsamai Mokotjo The need for young voices to be heard and valued has never been more crucial. Youth parliament, a platform that encourages young individuals...

We can end AIDS, if we follow the proven path of progress

Pepukai Chikukwa The new UNAIDS Global AIDS Update Report that has just been released shows that there is a path that ends AIDS. Taking the...

Balancing Media Freedom and Public Safety: The Intricacies of Broadcasting Code

Motsamai Mokotjo In the modern age of information, where the boundaries between the public and private spheres blur, the role of media is more significant...

Conspiracy of Retiring Vs Recalling. Part 3

By: Theko Tlebere This week I want us to conclude the long series we have been talking about in the past two weeks. Initially I...