Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Our Government lacks Vision

By: Theko Tlebere More than ten years ago I wrote an article about the essentiality of having a vision, either as an indivual or an...

The Lesotho we want, is not the Lesotho politicians want

The goal of a Lesotho that Basotho want remains elusive. “The Lesotho we want” is but a dream and can become a nightmare. In...
Credit: Atlantic Council

Russia must stop using food as a weapon

Josep Borrell Fontelle On 17 July, nearly one year after it was signed in Istanbul, Russia decided to not renew the Black Sea Grain Initiative...

An Urgent Plea to UNDP Lesotho: Upholding sovereignty, justice, and respect for Laws

“Colonialism and its attitudes die hard, like the attitudes of slavery, whose hangover still dominates behaviour in certain parts of the Western hemisphere,” Kwame...

SECTION 2 is not just an organisation; it is our future

Kananelo Boloetse In the annals of history, certain moments stand out as transformative milestones that redefine a nation’s trajectory. Lesotho, a nation with a rich history...

Open Letter: An Appeal for Unity and Resolution in the Interest of Lesotho’s Progress

Motsamai Mokotjo Dear Deputy Prime Minister Justice Nthomeng Majara and Mr. Kananelo Boloetse I extend my sincerest greetings to you, with an earnest hope that this...

Russia’s Illegal War Continues

Russia launched its illegal and unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine a year ago.  The world has felt the repercussions of Russia’s violence.  Russia...

Balancing Media Freedom and Public Safety: The Intricacies of Broadcasting Code

Motsamai Mokotjo In the modern age of information, where the boundaries between the public and private spheres blur, the role of media is more significant...

Establish the environmental tribunal to tackle the Ha Tšosane dumpsite issue

Motsamai Mokotjo “An Act to make provision for the protection and management of the environment and conservation and sustainable utilization of natural resources of Lesotho...

Are we really safe in their hands?

We are a nation that is quick to forget, or do we have too many problems to waste our time on issues which clearly...